Paia Copenhagen ApS

Skovparken 9C

3060 Espergærde


CVR-Nr. 38732064

Phone: +45 61715750


Our customer service is open from 9am – 15.30 pm

Want to be a Paia Copenhagen retailer?


Do you think that our products would be nice in your shop - dont hesitate to write us:


Agent in Denmark

Rikke Vedel Agentur

Rikke Vedel

+45 71708731


Agent in UK & Ireland

Hyggen - Agency for design and modern living

+44 (0)7990 800 542


Agent in Germany & Switzerland

House of Nordic Living Gmbh

Jane Vanting Davidsen

+41 (0) 79885 2168


Agent in Norway

ChaKra Agenturer AS

Slemdalsveien 81 C

0373 Oslo

+47  906 08 295


Other countries:


Collaborations and Press
We’re always interested in hearing from you, if you want to take part in a collaboration or have other questions regarding press, PR, pictures or other.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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